Clover Hill romance novellas

A white man with short dark hair, wearing a blue business shirt and looking skeptically to the side. Young man in a black dress with purple bodice.


Short stories

These stories are available as stand-alone ebooks.

Cover of Another Pair of Hands, showing man wearing scarf Cover of Run For Your Life, showing a decrepit house with fire in one window Cover of An Unexpected stay in Highbridge Town showing a coin against blue sky and clouds Cover of A Beginner's Guide to Stealing Home showing colourful yarn in cubbyholes Cover of I Am the One Who Has You Now, showing Christmas lights and sparkles

Cover of A Chain of Beads, showing beads and scissors

Cover of Cup of Tea, showing a photograph album and teacup Cover of Programming, showing a spaceship, stars, and TV set



My stories have appeared in the following anthologies.

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