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The Journey

The first time it happens, I’ve just stepped out of the shower…

A man tells his story of anxiety and healing at an open mic night.

m/m, mention of anxiety and depression, NSFW (but just a little).

Figgy Duff and Spotted Dick

“The fuck are you reading?” Bryan reached a long arm over Matt’s shoulder and turned the book over. Figgy Duff and Spotted Dick: Desserts From a More Innocent Time. The illustration on the cover dispelled any vagueness about whether the author was aware of the double entendres.

A couple about to open their own bakery and coffee shop share a vintage cookbook and an intimate moment.

m/m, established relationship, NSFW.

What Happens Next May Surprise You

It’s another Saturday night and you’re tired of lying on the couch crying. Wallowing is officially over, you decide. You grab your headset and jack into the club.

A man gets over a break-up in the best way possible.

m/m, NSFW