Clover Hill romance novellas

Clover Hill is a queer-friendly, diverse small town with all four seasons and vibrant local arts and food scenes. Whether you’re looking for high or low heat, m/m, sapphic, pan or ace romance, this series has something for everyone!

Reuben’s Hot and Cold

A white man with short dark hair, wearing a blue business shirt and looking skeptically to the side.

The unlikely attraction between cafe owner and reluctant ice cream entrepreneur Reuben and bartender/tarot card reader/collector of paranormal kitsch Van reminds them that work isn’t everything. If only there were enough hours in the day to put their new understanding into practice…

Reuben Dragovich, owner of a premium coffee shop and accidental ice cream empire, should have known better than to bring a promotion idea to the Clover Hill Chamber of Commerce. For his sins, he gets roped into doing something about it. The assignment: an information-gathering day trip with pub proprietor Van, a gregarious bundle of excessive ear piercings and cheer.

Van Parsons enjoys pulling pints and giving tarot readings in The Mysterious, his pub and museum of supernatural oddities. Reuben’s got a taciturn appeal, but no way is he Van’s kind of casual hookup material. Anyway, Van has his hands full keeping his slightly chaotic staff in line and his pub afloat.

To the astonishment of both men, their afternoon together turns out to be more fun than they’ve had in a long time. Interest turns into attraction, then dating. Or a relationship. Or whatever it is that they’re doing.

But physical chemistry is no match for the busy tourist season, when to-do lists overflow and there’s always one more damn thing to do right-the-hell-now. As they juggle their other responsibilities, the initial connection between Reuben and Van is in danger of wilting from lack of attention. Can Reuben and Van find space to fit into each other’s lives, or will their spring fling melt away like a scoop of single-source Venezuelan cacao ice cream in the summer heat?

Release Date: May 30, 2023

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Visible Mending

Smiling young white man in fabulous silver earrings and a black and purple dress.

When next-door neighbours Carey and Edd’s slowly blossoming romance starts to fray, they’ll both need to use their skills at fixing things to save it.

Edd’s self-expression through pretty dresses and sparkly jewellery leads some people to misjudge him, and his soft spot for strays has bitten him on the keister in the past. But when his shy new neighbour Carey, who turns threadbare fabrics into works of art, seems to need help settling into their new town, Edd can’t help but offer a hand.

Rebuilding their life after a crushing divorce, Carey buys a little house in queer-friendly Clover Hill. Their cute neighbour, Edd, keeps bringing them delicious baked goods, and soon even the sound of his knock on their door makes Carey happy. But Carey’s breakup made it obvious how unworthy they are of a relationship, and anyway, Edd’s probably just being kind. Isn’t he?

Yet Carey begins to flourish in their new life as cheerful, patient Edd shows them around town. Edd finds in Carey a gentleness he’s always craved, and a slow, sweet attraction takes root between the two of them.

Then news from Carey’s ex shatters their fragile confidence. How can they be a good partner to Edd when they failed so badly the last time? Edd is torn between giving Carey comfort and keeping the distance Carey says they need, even when it’s making them both miserable.

Can Carey and Edd work together to mend their relationship? Or can some things just not be fixed?

Release Date: September 20, 2022

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Clover Hill Heat Level 1 / Content warnings